NTV-PLUS won the “Project of the year” contest, which is organized by Global CIO, an industry community of IT directors of Russia, with the support of professional IT associations. The company’s victory came in the nomination “Connections and communications” for organizing broadcasts in the Ultra High-Definition (UHD) format across Russia.

The uniqueness of the project carried out by NTV-PLUS lies in the large scale of the work and the limited time it took to complete it. In a short period of just six months the equipment for broadcasting in UHD format was installed and set up. Broadcast traffic transmissions were set up to cover big distances - from the NTV-PLUS channel center in the Moscow region to Khabarovsk. Necessary work was carried out on the broadcasting platform and in the company’s IT systems.

As a result of the project, NTV-PLUS expanded its geographical presence and became the first federal operator of Ultra High-Definition television with the largest coverage area in the world. The companies Triline Systems and Harmonic acted as the partners and IT suppliers for NTV-PLUS on this project.