NTV-Plus will become the first federal satellite operator to offer ultra-high-definition broadcasts across all Russian territories. The company will begin broadcasting in Ultra HD in the Far East Federal District, Siberia and the European part of the country in April.

The operator’s basic package will include three channels offered in UHD format. These broadcasts will be available to NTV-Plus subscribers at no additional charge in all of the broadcasting regions. In total, subscribers in Siberia and the Far East will have access to more than 160 channels. This will make the offer of NTV-Plus one of the most attractive on the market of pay TV in these regions.

“NTV-Plus always stood out for its innovation, premium content and impeccable quality. The company became the first satellite operator that began broadcasting beyond the Urals, the first in Russia to commission high-definition television, and the first to introduce a unique product to the domestic market - a satellite console with interactive television functions. We put an emphasis on offering the most advanced technology platform, quality content and high level of service. According to our estimates, the satellite TV markets in Siberia and the Far East have significant growth potential. I am confident that the NTV-Plus offer will be in demand among subscribers in these regions,” said Mikhail Dyomin, general manager of NTV-Plus.