NTV starts to broadcast three new, special-interest channels: NTV Serial, NTV Stil and NTV Pravo

As of October 24, NTV Serial, NTV Stil and NTV Pravo are available on cable networks.

Viewers will have the opportunity to watch the best NTV projects, films and television series seven days a week, 24 hours a day. The broadcasts of the new channels will be carried out through satellite, cable, IPTV and mobile TV.

NTV Serial is a 24-hour channel that broadcasts the best television series, made-for-TV films and NTV telenovelas. In the future, the channel is planning to launch its own production of exclusive, special interest content, such as top charts, interviews with actors, TV series and film news, behind-the-scenes exclusives that chronicle how new series are filmed, and much more. After some time the channel will start to show the premieres of television series in catch-up mode.

NTV Stil is a 24-hour channel that offers lifestyle programs. The best NTV programs on travel, design, home improvement, cooking and gastronomy, consumer and make-over shows, programs on healthy lifestyles and psychology, and documentary projects are included on the channel’s broadcast schedule.

NTV Pravo is a 24-hour documentary and educational channel that focuses on judicial and legal topics. The channel will broadcast judicial shows, journalistic investigations and documentary series.