Konferentsiya (Conference) director Ivan Tverdovsky will direct the dramedy Lucy. The idea for the series came from the creators of Sladkaya Zhizn (La Dolce Vita) and Zvonite DiKaprio! (Call DiCaprio!).

The filming of Lucy started on July 28. The new series from Good Story Media is a psychological drama that looks at machine learning, explores the human bond with technology and asks what makes people who they are. Pyotr Vnukov, who previously worked on the dramas Sladkaya Zhizn and Zvonite DiCaprio!, is the project’s creative producer. 

The plot centers on Senya, a creator of the smart assistant called Lucy. He experiments with algorithms and discusses personal matters with Lucy, including his family and the people around him. He tries to make her as human as possible. Lucy quickly becomes a lot more than just a smart assistant. She is the only one that Senya can trust with his thoughts and concerns. She is the only one who knows all the problems Senya’s daughters face at school and the only one he confides in about his relationship with his wife. The smart assistant helps Senya to overcome the public humiliation he experiences in front of his family, find the deputy’s son who was behind this humiliating episode and cope with the consequences of an irreparable act he commits.