New project Prozharka to launch on TNT4

TNT4’s new comedy show will premiere on August 20 at 23:00. Prozharka (The Roast) is the first Russian comedy show where popular celebrities will get to hear the public’s opinion about them. Ilya Sobolev, stand up comic and Comedy Club resident, will host the show.

Famous actors, comedians and show business stars will participate in the project. As participants, they will have to listen to jokes about their personal lives, art, career, and appearance. Budding stand up comics will serve up the jokes about the stars - they are hungry, angry and have nothing to lose. Each episode will have a special guest - a colleague or a friend of the ‘victim’ with the same star status, who will bring up sensitive topics and personal conflicts. At the end of the show, the guest of the program will have a chance to respond and take some humorous revenge against his roasters.

Ruslan Bely will be the guest of the premiere episode. He is a participant of the show Uboynaya Liga (The Slaughter League), winner of the third season of Smekh bez Pravil (Laughter Without Rules), Comedy Club resident, mentor on the show Otkritii Mikrofon (Open Mike), and the creator of the projects StandUp and Komik v Gorode (Comic in the City). According to Ruslan Bely, Prozharka is a unique show in which you can “spew mean comments, but still absolutely respect and love each other.”

“I was very worried ahead of doing my response performance even though I was relaxed for all the rest of the show. I heard so many cool jokes that it was necessary to be at least just as good. I agree with everyone, but where did this stereotype come from that I have no friends? Even in my performances I have never complained about this. Maybe things look different from the outside. This will be a good reason to analyze this matter and write myself a new stand up routine,” said Ruslan Bely.