Friday! TV channel has launched a project about ecology called “Zelyonaya Pyatnitsa” (Green Friday). This project talks about the changes happening on the planet, which lead to global environmental problems and outlines simple steps to tackle them.

As part of the project, the channel switched its logo colour to green for the first time, developed a green channel identity, filmed a series of special promo videos and launched a website with tips for introducing healthy eco-habits into everyday life.

Another novelty on the channel is a news ticker with an “urgent” marker on it. This is how Friday! is trying to draw the viewer’s attention to the serious changes taking place on the planet. For example, Friday! uses the ticker to warn about the extinction of rare animal species, melting glaciers, excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and other environmental problems.

The “Zelyonaya Pyatnitsa” promo videos show natural landscapes with a voiceover talking about rare animal species. The voice warns that these species could disappear if we don’t start taking care of the environment right away.

The channel’s other initiatives related to the “Zelyonaya Pyatnitsa” project include the broadcast of a short format “Ecologika” with Alina Astrovskaya, “green” marathons of the travel shows Mir Naiznanku (The World Inside Out) and Oryol i Reshka (Heads or Tails), and the screening of several BBC documentaries about wildlife.

Friday! TV channel has also launched environmental projects in the past. For example, news about the environment aired as part of the Friday News information program.