The 2x2 TV channel will start airing the second season of the satirical dystopia series Ostorozhno, Kiberzemlyane! (Beware, Cyber-Earthlings!) on October 19. The series follows the travels of Grandfather Semyon in Russia circa 2121, where cars fly, robots have the same rights as people, but the queues at the state service centres are just as long.

A lot has changed since the first season’s dramatic finale. But Semyon Nikolaevich still doesn’t give up trying to return to his own historic period. It would seem as if the familiar world of the future still does not cease to amaze, and yet Semyon Nikolaevich accomplishes his mission despite everything standing in his way. The goals, the characters, the world - everything is the same, except one important detail. Grandfather Semyon is now a...cyborg!