The new season of the reality show Sekretny Millioner (The Secret Millionaire) will launch on Friday! channel on October 21.

Some of the richest people in the country - successful Russian businessmen and heads of large Russian companies - take part in the project. They travel to different Russian cities to help ordinary people. Disguised as beggars, without bodyguards, money and personal transport, they see the other side of life and help those who lost hope a long time ago.

Each “secret millionaire” must find housing on his own and get a job in a foreign city. Most importantly, he must keep his true identity secret. He must also decide with which of the strangers he meets he will share his fortune.

The new season will star billionaire, entrepreneur and public figure Andrei Kovalev, restaurateur and founder of Chaikhona No. 1 Timur Lansky, lawyer Nikita Apalikov, Gett Taxi shareholder Vladimir Marinovich and other influential people. They will visit Perm and Lipetsk regions, as well as Tolyatti, Astrakhan, Kostroma, Chelyabinsk and other cities.