PREMIER video service will hold an exclusive premiere of the mystical thriller Documentalist on July 15. Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeny Nikishov and Ilya Kulikov produced the series. Their previous works include the successful TV series Chernobyl: Zona Otchuzhdeniya (Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone) and Pereval Dyatlova (Dead Mountain: The Dyatlov Pass Incident), among others.

Ilya Kulikov directed the series with Aristarkh Venes (Zakon Kamennyh Dzhungley/Rules of the Stone Jungle, Vodovorot/Whirlpool) and Margarita Abroskina (Tolya-Robot/Tolya is a Robot, Rugby) playing the lead roles. Kulikov also wrote the script, together with Vasily Vnukov.

The trailer was released exclusively on PREMIER’s official group in VK and can be watched at this link. PREMIER subscribers will get exclusive access to the series, and in August it will be broadcast on TV-3 channel.