Match TV continues to entertain viewers with tales about the UEFA European Football Championship despite the postponement of the tournament to 2021. On June 21 the channel will launch Roman Naguchev’s new project, Moya Igra (My Game). The first episode will air at 11:45 MSK.

Moya Igra is an auteur project, which consists of 12 episodes of 24 minutes each. In his program, Roman Neguchev will talk about 12 matches from the past Euro championships, which best reflect those eras, country relations and people. The project’s author will track back to these events with the help of their participants and witnesses: players, fans and journalists from nearly 20 countries. A portrait of a whole era will be shown through the football lens. Each of the personalities featured in the program will talk about how he got acquainted with football, and share his or her unforgettable stories.

In the project’s first episode, Match TV viewers will learn about the match between England and Scotland, which took place at the 1996 edition of the European championship.