Today marks one year since the launch of the large-scale #MYVMESTE (#WEARETOGETHER) campaign, which united the country during the COVID-19 pandemic.

#MYVMESTE became a country-wide initiative led by ideas of mutual help, solidarity and responsibility. These ideas brought together people from all walks of life who shared these values and spirit. Almost 5 million people received assistance and, as of now, donations raised through the initiative add up to 1,814,655,696 rubles—and the #MYVMESTE campaign is still going strong.

Gazprom Media acted as #MYVMESTE’s media partner, and a large-scale event was held in 2020 as part of National and International Volunteer Day. The Russian event brought together thousands of volunteers from around the world and featured presentations about successful partnership stories which brought together volunteers and NGOs, as well as businesses, journalists, and government agencies. 

Gazprom Media also started working with the Russia-wide Volontery Mediki (Medical Volunteers) program in 2020. Our companies took part in #MYVMESTE by giving large-scale informational support for a number of events, including Donor Day, Medical Workers’ Day, Stop HIV/AIDS, and others. The work of medical workers and medical volunteers across the country got wide coverage on our television channels, radio stations and digital resources. Informational support included news stories, special reports and videos, as well as intellectual online games for volunteers.

Gazprom Media has its own Volunteer Center, and its first call to arms was working in the operational headquarters of the #MYVMESTE campaign. Our volunteers processed applications and delivered food packages to elderly and people with limited mobility. Support for volunteering and socially significant projects is part of our corporate social responsibility commitments.