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25 March 2024

Vadim Vereshchagin spoke about the prospects for Russian cinema in BRICS countries

Russian cinema has a great future, including abroad, according to Vadim Vereshchagin, CEO of Central Partnership. He spoke about this at the “Connecting Bridges. Intercultural Dialogue and New BRICS+ Partnerships” plenary session. The plenary session was held at the Spirit of Fire film festival and was dedicated to discussing issues of strengthening multilateral partnerships in the film industry.

Russian cinema will develop and has a great future. We realize that the domestic market has certain limitations, and that to produce even higher quality and bigger pictures, we need international distribution. There is a fairly large market in countries where there are viewers close to us in terms of mentality.
Vadim Vereshchagin CEO of Central Partnership

“In April, we are releasing the movie Guest from the Future. It’s our new blockbuster, and will appear in MENA (the geographical region that brings together countries in North Africa and the Middle East—Ed.). We are currently negotiating distribution with other countries, including those that are part of BRICS. Systematic promotion is necessary, not just from the point of view of straightforward marketing, but on the basis of available non-media opportunities,” said Vereshchagin.

He believes that mutual promotion of film products and successful communication of the inherent cultural code to the audience is a long process. And for its success, joint work of all interested parties is important. The 22nd Spirit of Fire International Debut Film Festival will be held from March 23 to 26 in Khanty-Mansiysk. The main topic of the business program is “The Special Language of National Cinematography of BRICS Countries”. A total of 247 applications from 24 countries, including 42 feature-length films, were submitted to the festival competitions this year. Gazprom-Media Holding was the main media partner of the festival.

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