Match TV channel is launching a new weekly entertainment show, Derby Mozgov (The Brain Derby). Hosted by Denis Levko, this show will be the first football trivia show on Russian TV.

Two teams of three people take part in each episode of the show. The first team is Narodnaya (The People’s Team), which is made up of football fans from different Russian cities. The second team is Match TV, made up of the channel’s star personalities and show business representatives.

The show’s participants answer questions that cover all aspects of the most popular sport on the planet, from football traditions and culture, to historical and scandalous tales. The questions will test the participants’ logic, ingenuity, knowledge of the football players’ personal lives and understanding of the sport’s economics. The program will also include a special contest, Ustamy Zhenshiny (From the Woman’s Mouth), in which young women explain football terminology, nuances in the rules of the game, and try to describe specific players or teams. The competition consists of three rounds and a super final. One of the show’s main objectives is to increase the popularity of football among a mass audience. As such, the show is made in a way to make it interesting both for football connoisseurs who want to test their knowledge and those viewers who are not as familiar with the sport.