Match TV prepares large-scale coverage of 2016 Summer Olympic Games

The national sports channel Match TV and the special interest channels of the sub-holding Gazprom-Media Match will offer more than 800 hours of live broadcasts of the 2016 Olympic Games.

The sporting events will be broadcast on the Match TV channel, as well as five satellite channels - Match! Nash Sport, Match! Igra, Match! Arena, Match! Boets and Match! Football 3.

Match TV channel

Every day the Olympic Games will get from 10 to 18 hours of coverage on the air of Match TV, including broadcasts of competitions and live feeds from the studios. Two studios called Vse na Match. Rio-2016 (All to the Match. Rio 2016) will work on a 24-hour schedule at the International Broadcasting Center in Rio de Janeiro and the Ostankino television center in Moscow.

The morning broadcast will come from the Moscow studio. The hosts will present an analysis of the previous day and announce the upcoming sporting events.

The studio in Rio de Janeiro will start feeds to Match TV in the daytime. There will be live broadcasts from the competitions, when the hosts and experts discuss the results of the competitions and share timely news from the Olympic capital.

Evening broadcasts will come from both of the studios. Correspondents will sum up the results of the competitions in news bulletins and talk about the achievements of the Russian national team.

For the sports that have lengthy competitions, Match TV will offer live broadcasts of the key stages. The results of the competitions in these sports will be presented in the games diaries.

Match TV has prepared special programming for the 2016 Olympics:

-Weekly live broadcasts of Olympians.Live, themed studio recordings with the champions and medallists from the past Olympics;

-Special project Mama v Igre (Mom in the Game) about mothers who raised great athletes;

-Programs Sportivny Interes (Sporting Interest) and Rio Zhdet (Reo Awaits) with special reports and program releases about the Olympics from the host country;

-Program cycles dedicated to athletes, sports, and the history of the Summer Olympic Games.

Rio 2016 on

A special section, Rio 2016, was created on the website, where sport fans will be able to find materials about the Games, sports, commentator programs, schedules of the Olympic broadcasts on Match TV and its special interest sports channels.

The site will also feature a series of special materials titled Around the Olympics:

-Match TV insider guide for fans, what precautions to take in Brazil;

-Final list of names on the Russian national team, and who to root for in Rio;

-Ten shocking facts about the opening ceremonies at the Olympic Games;

-Stories about the most unusual participants of the Olympic Games;

-Stories of the refugee team that will compete at the Olympics;

-Online transcripts from the scene: International Olympic Committee (IOC) sessions, press conferences with the IOC president Thomas Bach, and speeches from the opening ceremony;

-Match TV test: How prepared are you for the Olympic Games.