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29 April 2022

Maska Is No.1 Russia Again: The Premiere Was the Top Broadcast Event of the Weekend

NTV premiered the second season of the country’s favorite entertainment show, Maska (The Masked Singer), on February 14, and the show once again became the weekend’s biggest broadcast event (February 13–14). Maska’s first episode got a rating of 6% among viewers aged 18+ in large cities, and its share was 17.9%. Towards the end of the broadcast, when one of the masks was to be taken off, the show’s share reached 25.2%.

Another NTV project, Itogi Nedeli s Iradoi Zeynalovoi (Weekly Summary with Irada Zeynalova), came in second place with a rating of 5.2% and a share of 15%. The third place in the Top 5 weekend broadcasts went to NTV’s Novye Russkie Sensatsii (New Russian Sensations), with a rating of 4.9% and share of 15.2%. Russia 1 channel was in fourth place with its Vesti Nedeli (Week’s News: 4.7% rating and 13.1% share). Yet another NTV project wrapped up the weekend’s Top 5: Sledstvie veli...s Leonid Kanevsky (Investigation in progress... with Leonid Kanevsky, 4.6% rating and 15.5% share).

Maska topped the list of the best broadcast events of the week among viewers aged 14–59, reaching a rating of 4.4% and a share of 16.8%. The show’s second season also saw a great increase in young audience numbers. Compared to the first season, the show’s share among audiences aged 14–44 increased by 29%, while the share of the audience aged 10–45 increased by 32%.