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29 April 2022

Autoradio’s Live Concert Marathon Enters the Russian Book of Records

Avtoradio and PANORAMA360 have set a new world record

A marathon of live performances by Russian stars held in Avtoradio’s studio (part of Gazprom Media Radio) on PANORAMA360, Europe’s highest viewing platform, was included in the Russian Book of Records. 

Representatives from the Russian Book of Records officially registered the new record on October 30 and gave Avtoradio and PANORAMA360 managers certificates “for the largest number of concerts in a radio station set up on a viewing platform higher than 300 meters above ground level.” 

For a month and a half, Avtoradio’s flagship evening show, Murzilki Live, broadcast from a viewing platform located on the 89th floor of Moscow City’s Federatsiya tower. This platform is 330 meters above ground level. It was also the first VR360 live broadcast of a radio show, and anyone could watch at The images could be rotated any which way, and viewers with a VR headset could “teleport” right into the live concerts of their favorite artists every evening. A high-quality video stream of the marathon was also available on Yandex.Efir. 

This isn’t the first time Bragin, Gordeeva and Zakhar—the hosts of Murzilki Live—have expanded the boundaries of traditional radio broadcasting.