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29 April 2022

​Red Media undertakes rebranding of HD Life and Kukhnya TV channels

Red Media TV company, which is part of Gazprom-Media Holding, has announced a large-scale rebranding of its own TV channels, HD Life and Kukhnya TV. These TV channels have updated their concepts, logos, websites, on-air design and broadcasting networks for the new season. In addition, Kukhnya TV has transitioned to the HD broadcast format.

The new corporate identity highlights the key assets of the TV channels and enhances the audience’s emotional connection to the brands. The new graphic design and channel websites are fully developed and implemented by Red Media’s creative team.

HD LIFE channel has changed its name to a simplified HDL and a logo that positions the abbreviation HDL on a blue background. The updated HD Life is a TV channel about man and the diversity of life, and this new concept is reflected in all elements of its corporate identity. A number of thematic videos were created as part of the channel’s broadcast design. They illustrate the interrelation between man, nature and space.

Special-interest blocks that now appear on HDL channel divide broadcasts into three subjects - man, earth, universe. At the same time, the graphic design and broadcast markers will help viewers to orient themselves during the broadcast, changing colour according to the theme: red - programs about man and his abilities, purple - about the mysteries of the universe, green - about earth and the diversity of life.

The visual design of Kukhnya TV channel has become more stylish and modern, but is still recognizable. The key element, a teapot, was kept as part of the new channel logo, but its lines have become more elegant and sophisticated. A bright orange color was kept at the heart of the design. At the same time, the on-air design of the channel has a new style. The channel’s graphics are saturated with bright colours and elements, such as berries, fruit and vegetables. Kitchen utensils that have a link to specific topics and times of the day will allow viewers to navigate the channel’s broadcast easily.

Kukhnya TV’s broadcast is divided into time blocks - breakfast, lunch, dinner. In addition, it features new thematic headings and a lineup of films on culinary topics. The channel will use vertical programming of the broadcasting grid for the first time, which will allow viewers to see all the programs that came out during the week on Sunday’s special broadcast.

Just as the broadcasts of the Kukhnya TV and HDL channels got an update, their new websites also became public. A stylish design and easy navigation make the resources more informative, and using them is convenient and enjoyable. The websites offer visitors complete information about programs, projects and channel news, as well as photos, videos and other interesting subject materials.

The rebranding of Kukhnya TV and HDL channels is only the first stage of updating Red Media’s special-interest channels.