The 44th Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) took place in Canada’s largest city from September 5 to 15. More than 330 films from 84 countries were presented at the largest North American film market over a period of 10 days. The film distributor Central Partnership and production studio PREMIER Studios took part in the film festival.

The film company Central Partnership presented several of its upcoming projects. Ledafilms acquired exclusive rights to the horror film Yaga. Koshmar Temnogo Lesa (Baba Yaga. Terror of the Dark Forest). The company will get the rights to show the film in cinemas across the United States and Latin America.

The film will also be released in Germany (Capelight Pictures), Vietnam and Singapore (Purple Plan), other countries in southeast Asia (Suraya Filem), Japan (IPA Asia) and the Baltic States (Garsu).

Svyatoslav Podgayevskiy (Nevesta/The Bride, Rusalka. Ozero Mertvykh/The Mermaid. Lake of the Dead) directed the film. Its wide release is scheduled for January 16, 2020.

Central Partnership also presented the full-length fantasy blockbuster Avanpost (The Outpost) to foreign buyers. Produced by PREMIER Studios, the film will be released in cinemas on November 21, 2019.

Central Partnership actively promotes domestic films on the international markets by offering foreign viewers the best Russian films. As such, the film Dvizhenie Vverh (Going Vertical) in June 2019 became the highest-grossing Russian film to ever be shown in China, surpassing other Russian films in terms of box office earnings. Before that, in April 2019, the adventure action Milliard (Billion) enjoyed a successful run in movie theaters in 12 countries. The mystical horror Rusalka. Ozero Mertvykh (Mermaid. Lake of the Dead) also had an impressive box office abroad, earning more than $4.5 million in international release. In total, the film was shown in 154 countries.

Meanwhile, PREMIER Studios presented its fantasy film Chernobyl: Zona Otchuzhdeniya. Final (Chernobyl: Exclusion Zone. Finale), which was released on PREMIER’s online platform on September 19, as well as some projects that are still in the works. They include Gorizont (Horizon), which garnered great interest among buyers from South Korea and China, and the Moscow International Film Festival finalist Epidemiya (The Outbreak) by director Pavel Kostomarov.