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29 April 2022

​365 Dney TV to show new self-produced documentary Vtoroy Front

On June 6, the history channel 365 Dney TV will premiere the new documentary film Vtoroy Front (The Second Front). The film tells about the allies of the Soviet Union opening a full-fledged front in western Europe. The second front was important to the joint victory over the Nazis, however, Soviet troops had to wait three whole years for this help from the Western Allies. The documentary will look into all the details of this large-scale offensive operation. Authored by military historian Aleksey Isaev, the film shows unique archival data, photographs and newsreels.

Vtoroy Front is part of the documentary project “Na Puti k Velikoi Pobede”, which 365 Dney TV channel produced itself. The project is dedicated to soldiers, heroes of the home front, great battles and offensive operations. In it the Great Patriotic War is shown through real facts and memoirs of veterans.