A promo campaign to support a single industry radio player launched on November 15. GPM Radio stations are participating in the campaign.

For the first time in the history of Russian radio broadcasting 29 national radio stations (state and commercial, news and music, which belong to media holdings or are independent), as well as regional and local radio stations have come together to carry out a shared promo campaign in support of a single industry radio player. GPM Radio stations also took part.

Participating radio stations will air 20-second clips on a daily basis for a month, starting on November 15, with the message “Listen to your favourite radio station anywhere with one click”, “Turn it on at radioplayer.ru”. These audio clips are personalised for each participating radio station, but share musical sounds and voices. Simultaneously, a block of contextual advertising is being launched online.

The goal of the campaign is to draw the listeners’ attention to the country’s only legal platform for listening to terrestrial radio stations online, in one place and in one click, in high quality, with an easy-to-navigate interface and the option to localise content.