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29 April 2022

​Gazprom-Media Entertainment Television launches Native Rent platform for context advertising

Gazprom-Media TV Entertainment sub-holding has launched the advertising platform Native Rent, which offers a fundamentally new advertising format. The platform gives market participants two new, unique opportunities: “rent” form of advertising and targeting on concrete articles on partner websites.

Gazprom-Media Entertainment TV became an investor of Native Rent in November 2018, thus continuing a series of strategic investments in innovative online projects.

“Rent” is a unique advertising format, which allows placing ads from only one advertiser in an article, cancelling out all other advertising, including teaser and context blocks, program banners and recommendation ad blocks. The advertising of the Native Rent platform is formatted as native information or text-graphic blocks within the design of its partner platforms. In the near future, advertisers will get an opportunity to insert video advertisers into the ad blocks.

Another innovation of the Native Rent platform is targeting at the level of articles. Here the advertiser points to the topic he needs with the help of a search bar, and the platform offers all the articles from its database that correspond to this topic. The advertiser has access to information about each article’s audience size and traffic sources.

These two key innovations - rent and targeting for specific articles - allow Native Rent to be equally effective in solving broad tasks of large brands, as well as performance challenges of small and medium-sized businesses, as alternatives to the popular systems of context advertising such as Yandex.Direct and Google Adwords. It is worth noting separately the solution to the brand safety problem, which is hard to avoid fully when working with programmatic and contextual networks.

In terms of products, Native Rent is a familiar DSP self-service. That is to say, it is a platform in which advertisers or agencies can solve all their problems independently: from the choice of articles and creation of advertising blocks to the viewing and unloading of statistics on advertising campaigns. Overall, the tool’s personal account has a familiar look and does not differ greatly from the advertising networks of Facebook, VKontakte, MyTarget and others. Advertising agencies enjoy a special status, which allows them to create many individual clients within the system, manage their balance with flexibility and work based on a post-payment scheme.

The first test campaigns, which were held in summer 2019, showed the high efficiency of such advertising placements in terms of CTR (which was at least 2%), as well as the unique opportunity to fine tune individual advertising communications, depending on the topics of individual articles.

The format, created by Native Rent, will be of particular interest to most publishers, especially those who have a significant share in SEO traffic. On average, such sites earn revenues of about 100-150 rubles per 1,000 page views (the so-called RPM indicator). Native Rent raises the RPM rates two to three times higher without competing with the sites’ current monetization scheme.

The platform currently works at full capacity and is ready to let its first advertisers try a new philosophy and tools for effective advertising placements. The current reach of the platform is about 20 million unique users and over 60 million page views per month. The number of articles in the index exceeds 600,000. Over the next three months, the platform is expected to grow 2-3 times in terms of coverage and 4-5 times in terms of inventory.