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29 April 2022

To the Lake Was Among the Top 10 Best Foreign TV Shows on Netflix in the United States in 2020

Epidemiya (To the Lake) was the first time a Russian show made it into the Top 10 best foreign TV shows on Netflix in the United States, along with Money Heist, based on results from 2020 

Netflix, one of the world’s largest online video services, has released the list of its Top 10 best foreign TV series in 2020, and it included a Russian show for the first time. Netflix released the Russian series To the Lake in October in its Original Series category, and it remained among the Top 10 most-viewed projects on the platform around the world for two weeks. At the peak of its popularity, it was in the Top 3 in terms of views internationally and in the Top 10 in 72 countries.

Netflix also revealed the secret algorithm for evaluating the popularity of media projects: success is measured based on views received in the first 28 days after being released.