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29 April 2022

GPM Radio projects receive 10 gold microphones at Radiomania 2021 awards

Several GPM Radio projects emerged as the winners at Radiomania 2021, the national award in the field of radio broadcasting. The awards ceremony was held in Moscow on November 25.

The best representatives of the Russian radio industry received gold Radiomania microphones. The ceremony was held in Moscow under the patronage of the Russian Academy of Radio (RAR).

Ten GPM Radio projects received the most prestigious award in Russian radio broadcasting. Avtoradio, Detskoe Radio and Humour FM were among the winners in the “Network radio stations” category, while Like FM and Humour FM’s branch in Kazan won awards in the “Regional radio stations” category.

Detskoe Radio’s program Shkola Detskogo Radio (Detskoe Radio School) won a Radiomania 2021 award in the “Promotion, off-air project” nomination, while the station’s podcast KHRUM, ili Skazochnyi Detektiv (KHRUM, aka a Fairytale Detective Story) was the winner in the “Promotion in the digital sphere” nomination. Another Detskoe Radio project, Lukomorye. Skazki Kota-Uchenogo (Lukomorye. Fairy Tales of a Learned Cat), topped the “Educational program/feature” nomination.

Humour FM’s program Nereklama (Not Advertising) was named “Best entertainment program/feature”, while Avtoradio’s contest Ledokol Znanii (Knowledge Icebreaker) became the “Best special on-air project for a client”. The contest was timed to the 75th anniversary of Russia’s nuclear industry and launched with the support of Rosatom state corporation. The game “What The Fake”, held as part of Avtoradio’s morning drive-time show Poekhali (Let’s Go), won the “Radio game” nomination.

A special award established to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight was given to the contest “Detskoe Radio v Kosmose” (Detskoe Radio in Space). To take part, children submitted their space-themed drawings to Detskoe Radio and the winning drawings were sent to space to be featured in the first ever Children's Space Gallery at the International Space Station. 

Avtoradio’s evening show Murzilki Live also received a Radiomania statuette.

Trend Chart earned Like FM yet another Radiomania award (in the “Musical program” nomination within the “Regional radio stations” category). This program gives listeners a taste of what the music industry will be like in the future, as its slogan - “Everything that will be trending tomorrow is on air at Like FM today” - suggests.

Regional partners of GPM Radio were also among the winners at Radiomania 2021. Poezd Humour FM (Humour FM Train), which was organised by the radio station’s branch in Kazan, won the “Promotion, off-air project” nomination.