Dear colleagues, dear friends!

Gazprom-Media Holding turns 24 years old today. I congratulate all the employees, colleagues and partners with this special date! For almost a quarter of a century we have been shaping, developing and changing the Russian media industry and introducing innovative technologies. The products that your teams create are trending on the media market year after year and win over millions of hearts in Russia and abroad.

On this day, I want to emphasise once again the scale and importance of our Holding on the media market. We are the leaders in: 

●    entertainment television;

●    sports broadcasting;

●    distribution of Russian films;

●    radio broadcasting;

●    production and sale of content;

●    creation of innovative projects on TV, advertising, new businesses and high-tech solutions.

Our Holding is a “factory” for creating the best, most in-demand, high-quality content. And our team has the most awards on the Russian media market. In 2021, your projects and teams have earned a total of 210 awards and prizes, both Russian as well as international.

We are making the lives of Russian people more interesting. We are entertaining and educating them. We are offering them unforgettable, authentic emotions. Moreover, the energy that our content holds is being felt across the globe. Our projects and products are getting more and more recognition abroad every year and are resonating with foreign audiences.

May all the employees and teams have inspiration, energy, new and exciting stories, plots, projects, bold ideas, which will always find their viewers, listeners and readers. We have big, ambitious goals and tasks. I am confident that together we will conquer all the ratings and any audience!

Best regards, 
Alexander Zharov
CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding