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29 April 2022

Airline giant Air France as well as Polish and Latvian media companies buy NTV series

The action-packed series Dusheguby (Tyrants), Femida Vidit (Femida Sees) and Poteryannye (The Lost) will be shown in Europe as part of a deal between NTV channel and Ampersand Fiction, a French distributor of serial content. Air France as well as the Polish VOD platform TVP VOD and the Latvian media holding SIA Helio Media bought rights to show the series.

Air France, one of the world’s largest airlines, bought the VOD rights to show the detective series Femida Vidit on its planes. The NTV series will be featured among the airline’s onboard media library and the airline’s passengers will be able to watch it on multimedia screens.

Poland’s VOD platform TVP VOD, the online asset of the country’s largest television broadcaster TVP/Telewizja Polska, bought Internet rights to the retro detective series Dusheguby to show it on Polish territory. The NTV series will be available to the platform’s users as part of its foreign content offering alongside TV series from BBC, TF1, Sky Italia and others. 

The large Latvian media holding SIA Helio Media bought all three projects that were part of the deal between NTV and Ampersand Fiction to show them on Latvian territory. The series will be broadcast on the free Russian-language channel 8TV.

The deal between NTV and Ampersand Fiction includes three exciting series, all made in different genres. The retro detective series Dusheguby takes viewers back to the late Soviet era, the comedy detective series Femida Vidit follows a young woman who balances her roles as a policewoman and an actress, while the drama Poteryannye looks into the conflict between children and parents against the backdrop of extreme search operations.