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29 April 2022

​2x2 launches Epic 2x2 Files show about animation history

The new project Epic 2x2 Files, a popular science show about the history and evolution of animation, was launched on 2x2 TV channel (part of Gazprom-Media Holding) on September 15. The project can be viewed both on the air as well as the channel’s website. It was voiced over by the renowned blogger and animation expert Dmitry Suenduk, the voice of the Rick and Morty TV series.

The first season of the show is made up of eight episodes of 11 minutes each. Through them, the 2x2 viewers will find out when animation has ceased to be a children’s domain and many other facts about the animation industry. Meanwhile, the 2x2 website not only offers every episode, but also additional materials with links and detailed descriptions. Thus, the viewer himself can choose how to immerse in the material.

We have long dreamed to have a serious analytical show about animation as an industry and art for adults, but we could not find a suitable form that would interest and not put the audience to sleep. Classic educational TV shows are already bygones, so with a team of authors we came up with the Epic Files, a new cross-media format. Each episode will be different from the previous one - we have deliberately abandoned the traditional structure,said Denis Vsesvyatsky, director of 2x2 TV channel.