2x2 TV channel celebrated its 11th anniversary in two Russian cities with a series of summer parties held from July 29 to September 9. Last year, 2x2 crews flew around Russia on a 10-meter inflatable teletort, while in 2018 the channel occupied city parks and squares with the help of dancing inflatable figures of 2x2 characters. The announcements of the parties capitalized on the wordplay that “blowing up” inflatable figures is more effective than the “blown up” ideas of professional marketers.

As a result, in the two months of the “Perfect Summer Party” the TV channel handed out more than 100,000 bags, balloons, bracelets, badges, 2x2 branded soda bottles and other useful things with the logo and slogan, “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap.” The core premise that has traditionally attracted viewers to 2x2 channel is its complete openness: the director of the channel, its producers, promo and digital directors attended the summer events, talked with guests, and handed out gifts. Many viewers themselves got on the air of the channel thanks to the tour.