​Top managers of Gazprom-Media TV channels speak at Media Business conference
28 September 2018

The XIII annual Media Business conference, which is organized by the Vedomosti business publication, was held on September 27. The top managers of Gazprom-Media’s television channels Valery Fyodorovich, Evgeny Nikishov, Eduard Iloyan and Tina Kandelaki spoke at the event.

TV-3 director Valery Fyodorovich took part in the discussion session “Attention! The dangers of distributing content online" where he spoke about the interaction between mainstream media and Internet companies, the monetization and protection of content from pirates, as well as the measures for fighting the illegal distribution of content online.

Valery Fyodorovich, together with TV-3’s general producer Evgeny Nikishov, also took part in the panel “The speaker’s speech. Alone with a media manager” where they spoke about the channel’s strategy and new projects. The media managers also shared their plans for the launch of TV series in movie theatres based on the scheme implemented for the Gogol franchise.

The general producer of Super TV channel Eduard Iloyan took part in the discussion session “Another world of TV series: Going online.” During the panel, he spoke about the production of TV shows for online consumption, the economics of such projects, as well as how to motivate the viewers to pay for content online.

Tina Kandelaki, general producer of Match TV, spoke at the discussion session about sports content, “Oh sport, you are business!”

The Media Business conference is an annual event at which the country’s media community discusses the current state of the national media market, its potential and future development. As of 2015, the conference is held in a format that combines panel discussions with special presentations and interviews by the leading representatives of the media business.