​Gazprom-Media’s TV channels represented with 72 submissions on TEFI 2018 shortlist
25 September 2018

Gazprom-Media Holding became the leader in terms of the number of nominees at TEFI 2018. NTV, TNT, Friday!, Match TV and TV-3 channels have 72 submissions in 32 nominations represented at the final of the national television awards. The short list includes 26 submissions from NTV, 15 from TNT, 13 from Friday!, and 11 and 7 applications from Match TV and TV-3, respectively.


NTV has 26 television projects represented in 22 nominations in the final. The projects Tsentralnoe Televidenie (Central Television), Itogi Nedeli s Iradoi Zaynalovoy (The summary of the week with Irada Zeynalova), Sekret na Million (A Secret Worth a Million) and Kvartirnik NTV u Margulisa (House Party with Margulis) are included in the short list twice in the nominations “Information program,” “Information-analytical program,” “Entertainment primetime talk show” and “Entertainment program,” along with their presenters Vadim Takmenyov, Irada Zeynalova, Lera Kudryavtseva and Evgeny Margulis.

The projects Eda Zhivaya i Mertvaya (Food, Dead and Alive) and Kvartirniy Vopros (Housing Issues) will battle for the title of best “Entertainment program, lifestyle.” Meanwhile, the projects Mesto Vstrechi (Meeting Place) and Zhdi Menya (Wait for Me) have claims to become the best “Day talk show.” The TV projects Pora v Otpusk (It’s time to go on vacation) and Trudno Byt Bossom (It’s hard to be the boss) are represented in the “Reality show” nomination. This is also the second year that the project Chyudo Tekhniki (The Miracle of Technology) with host Sergey Malozemov gets into the shortlist of the “Education program” nomination. The “Daytime TV series” nomination features Mukhtar. Novy Sled (Mukhtar. New Trace) while the nomination “Programs for children and youth” includes the program Ustami Mladentsa (Spoken by a Child).

Svoya Igra (Your Own Game), the winner at TEFI 2003, 2015 and 2017, is represented in the nomination “TV Game.” The Brain Ring project also reached the final of the awards.

Kirill Pozdnyakov is nominated in the “Interviewer” nomination for his hosting duties in the Pozdnyakov program. Anatoly Mayorov is on the short list of the “Reporter” nomination. Konstantin Khudyakov is a finalist in the "Director of a television film/series" nomination for his adaptation of the epic novel by Alexey Tolstoy Hozhdenie po Mukam (The Road to Calvary), while Svetlana Khodchenkova is nominated as the “Best actress of a television film/series” for her work in the series Po Tu Storonu Smerti (On the Other Side of Death).

Also among the finalists are the NTV programs Gotovim s Alekseem Ziminym (Cooking with Alexei Zimin), Bolshoe Puteshestvie Deda Moroza (Santa Claus' Great Journey) and Glavnaya Doroga (Principal Road) in the nominations “Morning program,” “Documentary project” and “Journalistic investigation,” respectively.


TNT channel is represented in 11 nominations, and in two of them it is represented at once by several projects. Comedy Woman, Improvizatia (Improvisation) and Comedy Club are represented in the “Humorous program/show” nomination, while the TV series Univer, Olga and Fizruk (Gym Teacher) will be trying to win the award in the nomination “TV series comedy/sitcom.”

The TV series Politseysky s Rublyovki. Snova Doma (The Policeman from Rublyovka. Home Again) is included in the short list three times - in the nominations “Television film/series," “Director of a television film/series" for Ilya Kulikov, and “Best actor in a television film/series" for Sergey Burunov.

TNT’s general producer Vyacheslav Dusmukhametov if vying for the title of best “Television producer of the season" for the talent show Tantsy (Dances), which is also represented in the “Entertainment program” nomination.

Yana Troyanova will fight for the title “Best actress of a television film/series” for her role in the TV series Olga, while Pavel Volya and Garik Kharlamov are short listed in the nomination “Host of an entertainment program” for their hosting roles in Comedy Club. Marina Kravets will contend for an award in the “Morning show host” nomination for her work in Bolshoy Zavtrak (Big Breakfast).


The Gogol film franchise became the leader in terms of the number of nominations for the TEFI awards - there are a total of six. Oleg Menshikov is vying for the award as best actor, Valery Fyodorovich and Evgeny Nikishov as the season’s best television producers, and Egor Baranov as best director. Moreover, the film Gogol. Nachalo (Gogol. The Beginning) is represented in the nominations for best “Television film/series” and “Main event of the television season.” On top of that, the backstage film about the filming of Gogol, Gogol. Igra v Klassiku (Gogol. Playing with Classics) that was broadcast on TV-3 is included in the “Documentary” nomination.

The channel’s project Chernobyl. Zona Obsuzhdeniya (Chernobyl. Discussion Zone) is featured in the nomination “Entertainment primetime talk show.”


The TV show Sektretny Millioner (The Secret Millionaire) is represented in two nominations at once - “Reality show” and “Main event of the television season.” The show Utro Pyatnitsy (Friday Morning) is contending for a TEFI award in the “Morning program” nomination, while its hosts Maria Ivakova and Valeria Dergileva are up for awards in the “Morning program host” nomination. The presenter of Friday News Olga Roeva is nominated as best "Presenter of an information program."

The travel show Oryol i Reshka (Heads or Tails) is featured in the “Entertainment program” nomination, while the program Mir Naiznanku (The World Inside Out) is up for an award as best “Educational program.”

The projects Revizorro and Revizolushka are represented in the nominations “Journalistic investigation” and “Program for children and youth.” The series Lyubimtsy (Pets) is contending for a TEFI as best “Daily television series.”

Last year’s winner, the reality show Patsanky (Tomboys), is on the short list this year in the nomination "On-air/off-air promotion of a television program."

Match TV

Four projects by Match TV are represented in the nomination “Television project about sport” - Futbolnoe Stoletie (Century of Football), Totalny Football (Total Football), Komanda na Prokachku (Pimp my Team) and Welcome to Russia. The commentators Nobel Arustamyan, Dmitry Shnyakin, Roman Guttsayt and Dmitry Guberniev are on the TEFI short list in the nomination “Sports program host.”

Dmitry Zanin and Alexey Yagudin are contending for the titles of best reporter and best interviewer, respectively.

The awards jury also recognized the projects Vse na Match (Everyone Goes to Match) and Vse na Football (All Off to Football) in the nominations “Information program” and “Information and analytical results program.”