​TNT-PREMIER’s catch-forward content gets more than 3.9 million views in the first month
24 September 2018

Gazprom-Media Holding tallied up the results for its premium platform TNT-PREMIER in the first month of its operations.

TNT-PREMIER, a new premium OTT platform, launched on August 16. It offers access to television shows and series, streaming video, exclusive materials and other projects of the TNT, TV-3, TNT4, 2x2 and Super entertainment channels.

On launch day, TNT-PREMIER users were able to see two exclusive premieres from TNT channel: the series Domashny Arest (Home Arrest) by Semyon Slepakov and the second season of the sketch comedy HB by Garik Kharlamov and Timur Batrutdinov. Other projects that are available on the platform before they are broadcast on TV include the new episodes of Improvizatia (Improvisation), Gde Logika? (Where is the Logic?), Stand Up, and the continuation of the comedy series Deffchonki (Girls).

In 30 days, the content that was featured on TNT-PREMIER ahead of its TV broadcast got over 3.9 million views.

During its first month of work, the number of unique visitors to the TNT-PREMIER website exceeded 2 million, while the number of downloads of the TNT-PREMIER mobile application - 830,000. The top five cities where the platform’s users are based are Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Yekaterinburg and Novosibirsk. The bulk of TNT-PREMIER content is watched on smartphones - 69%, with an additional 23% of content watched on PCs and Smart TV and 8% on tablets. Devices with the iOS operating system account for 42% of the views.

Moreover, by the end of the month, the TNT-PREMIER app was among the Top 5 free mobile apps in the “Entertainment” category on the App Store and third in the free “Entertainment” category on Google Play.

TNT-PREMIER is available on all standard video content screens. Platform subscribers can watch content online or offline, after preloading the content to a mobile device. The service has a media library that includes the projects of Gazprom-Media’s entertainment channels TNT, TV-3, TNT4, 2x2 and Super, as well as a collection of films and cartoons from Disney Studios. New seasons of the TV shows and series are available exclusively on the platform in catch-forward mode before they are broadcast. The platform also features the sports broadcasts of the federal channel Match TV and the special-interest football channel MATCH PREMIER. The service works through a subscription model (SVOD) and offers three types of subscriptions: PREMIER, SPORTS! PREMIER, and The Magical World of Disney. New users get a free three-day trial (only for PREMIER and SPORTS! PREMIER subscriptions).