​Gazprom-Media’s TV series and films recognized as the best in 2017
27 December 2017

The NTV television series Consultant, Okhota na Dyavola (The Hunt for the Devil) and the feature-length production of KIT Film Studio and Central Partnership Legenda o Kolovrate (Legend of Kolovrat) spiked the greatest interest and approval among the Russian viewers in 2017. Also among the most popular and talked about TV series were the TNT projects Fizruk (Gym Teacher) and Olga, as well as the NTV series Mentovskiye Voyny (Cop Wars). The proof of this can be found in the research results of the specialized portal Kino Mail.Ru, the Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VTsIOM), and the Medialogia mass media analysis system.

The analysts of Kino Mail.Ru summed up the 2017 film results based on the opinions and activities of the portal’s users. Their study presents the top five most popular films, series and celebrities. According to the conclusions of the portal’s analysts, the NTV series Consultant, which was produced by KIT Film Studio, came second in the category “Best new TV series.” It went on air on April 3 and over the past months, it scored eight out of 10 points among the users of the Kino Mail.ru portal, losing only 0.1 points to the ranking’s leader, the popular British TV series Taboo, which features Tom Hardy in the lead role. Moreover, Consultant placed third in the ranking for the “Most popular new series.” According to the portal’s data, Consultant was particularly liked among the viewers from Siberia and the Volga region - the viewers in these federal districts ranked the series as the best in 2017.

Another new project of Gazprom-Media’s film production division, the detective series Okhota na Dyavola, which premiered on NTV on March 13 was also among the top five most popular series premieres. NTV series are gaining a big viewership online. Okhota na Dyavola has received around 11.5 million views, while Consultant got around 14 million views.

The Russian Public Opinion Research Center presented the findings of its traditional survey, which polls Russians about their most memorable events of the past year. According to the 2017 survey, Russians named Legenda o Kolovrate the best film of the year (4% of respondents, tied with films Salyut-7 and Posledny Bogatyr ). This epic blockbuster also became an unconditional leader of the Russian box office in the first half of December. The film Legenda o Kolovrate went into wide release on November 30 and took 588.7 million rubles at the box office in Russia. The film has already been seen by about 2 million viewers.

The most popular TV series among Russians in 2017, according to VTsIOM, was NTV’s Mentovskiye Voyny. It was ranked as the best by 5% of the respondents.

According to Medialogia statistics, the most mentioned Russian TV series of the year were Fizruk and Olga. These series placed first and third in terms of the number of references in the press. In the overall ranking, these projects took fifth and eighth places, following such foreign TV series hits as The Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Twin Peaks, and Sherlock.