In 2015, Gazprom-Media’s Board of Directors approved a corporate strategy, which looks ahead to 2021 and outlines the company's development priorities over the next seven years. The key company objectives during this period include further expansion on the Russian market and the strengthening of its business model to make it more adaptable to the structural changes of the media market.

The holding's key development priorities include:

-Progressive growth in the television, radio and film production.

-Sustained strong presence on the print media market and increased presence of the holding's print brands online.

-More synergy among the holding's assets as a means to optimize their operations and opportunities on the media market, including increased collaboration in the use of the holding's vast content libraries.

-Increased synergy among the holding's assets in providing multimedia solutions to advertisers across all media segments. These solutions include advertisement campaigns in the “360 degrees” format, which make use of Gazprom-Media's diverse resources, such as premium and special-interest television channels, as well as digital, radio and print platforms.

Gazprom-Media also sees opportunities for growth through the creation of new services in high-potential segments of the media market. These include:

-The creation of a sports media business. The objective is to effectively monetize sports broadcast rights through all the media and user services available to sports fans. One of the holding's flagship projects in the sports segment is the newly launched free-to-air television channel Match TV. This channel explores the world of sport and healthy lifestyles, and has become the founding bloc in the transition of the sports media business to a “360 degrees” format, which envisions maximum use of the holding's various media platforms and resources.

-Increased presence on the pay TV market, and the promotion of paid content among domestic viewers.