​TNT announces launch of Tantsy’s last season
29 May

TNT announces launch of Tantsy’s last season

29 May 2020

TNT has started accepting applications for the last season of the reality show Tantsy (Dances) - a project that brought dance culture in Russia to a new level of popularity and put a spotlight on the best dancers of the most diverse styles.

The show Tantsy has gained special meaning for Russians during its tenure on TNT. It taught people to distinguish different dance styles and proved that contemporary dance is a true art form. It told hundreds of touching stories of ordinary people who pursued their dream, trained in dance halls every day and made it onto the broadcast of the country’s main entertainment channel. Thanks to the show Tantsy, a large number of dance schools and studios opened up across Russia, with former project contestants teaching classes in many of them.

The best choreographers in the country, prominent figures in show business and the stage arts, work with the participants of TNT’s Tantsy. They are the mentors on the show: Egor Druzhinin, Tatyana Denisova and Miguel.