​TNT4 opens world's first virtual museum of a TV channel
13 May

TNT4 opens world's first virtual museum of a TV channel

The exposition of comedy classics is now available for everyone to see.

During the time of self-isolation almost all museums in the world launched virtual tours of their exhibits. TNT4 also opened its own virtual museum, which will remain functional even after the quarantine measures are lifted. The museum works around the clock and entry is free.

Museum visitors will be able to see exhibits of the most diverse forms of contemporary art. For example, the first case of “roasting” in Russian history can be detected in the masterpiece Prozharka Knyagini N. Golitsinoi (Roasting of Princess N. Golitsyna). An attentive visitor will also notice the tiny, lifesize guitar that comedian Semen Slepakov has used for his numbers, which proves that the size of the instrument does not matter. The key thing is knowing how to use it. Connoisseurs of fine art will applaud the installation Bokserskaya Grusha German (Herman Punching Bag), which belonged to Kuzya from the TV series Univer and was restored with the support of patron V. E. Gogunsky. Fans of conceptualism will remark on the art object 776 Udarov Pravdy (776 Hits of Truth) - a newspaper used to hit the guard A. R. Borodach in the show Nasha Russia (Our Russia).

The television channel’s virtual museum reflects the current processes in entertainment culture and shows opportunities for public dialogue and the creation of new comedy masterpieces. The exposition is made up of new takes on classics as well as brand new hits. The museum’s archive holds several thousand hours of comedy content so the exposition can be updated on a regular basis.

TNT4’s virtual museum is accessible through the link https://art.tnt4.ru, while its broadcast can always be watched on television or the channel’s website www.tnt4.ru, right after touring the exhibit.