​TNT4 to show live-stories of its viewers
22 April

On April 27, TNT4 channel is launching a special project at 18:00 called Sidim Doma (Staying Home), which will put a spotlight on its own viewers. The show invites television viewers to tell about their experiences in self-isolation. How are people having fun during this time? Who has picked up new skills? There are so many stories out there that the show has become a comprehensive live diary of self-isolation. It could easily be sourced in the future as the answer to the question, “What did Russians do in April 2020?”

Anybody can take part in TNT4’s special project. The television channel accepts video stories from its viewers. These stories will then be shown on TNT4’s broadcast and official social media pages. A few well-known personalities have also taken part in the project, including comedians of the show Prozharka (The Roast) Andrey Beburishvili, Mark Sergienko, Vera Kotelnikova, Pavel Dedishchev as well as many popular bloggers.