​Friday! channel to exclusively air BBC’s new wildlife documentary series in Russia
15 April

Friday! channel and BBC have made an exclusive deal about the broadcast of BBC’s new wildlife series. The television premiere of the new series in Russia will take place on Friday! channel between 2020 and 2022.

Friday! will be the only Russian channel to show the premieres of the new documentary series as part of BBC’s Planet Earth franchise. Spin-offs of the large-scale Planet Earth project will air on the channel between 2020 and 2022 - these consist of the series A Perfect Planet, Frozen Planet, Green Planet and Planet Earth III. All these series are created by BBC Studios together with other large global content producers.

Friday! channel has previously broadcast documentary series from the BBC Planet franchise, including Planet Earth, Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II. The Planet Earth documentary series has become a worldwide hit since its release in 2006. More than a billion people around the world have seen Planet Earth II and Blue Planet II in recent years.

About the series

The Perfect Planet is a five-part series about how our planet works. Each episode, presented by David Attenborough, shows how forces of nature - weather, ocean currents, solar energy and volcanoes - rule the planet, form and maintain the great diversity of life on Earth, how ideally animals adapt to any changes in the environment. The series is both a global look at our planet from space and also a collection of unusual stories of animals from the most fascinating habitats. The project was created by Silverback Films for BBC and Discovery, together with Tencent Penguin Pictures, ZDF, China Media Group CCTV9 and France Télévisions.

The Green Planet is the first, breathtaking look at a previously unseen world - emotional stories and incredible characters in the plant world. David Attenborough has been investigating flora for two decades. While watching the series, its viewers will learn that plants are no less aggressive, competitive and significant than animals. They have to fight for food, light, reproduction and spread of their seeds, and they can manipulate the actions and lives of animals, even humans, to fulfill their goals. The series was produced by the Natural History division of BBC Studios working together with ZDF and The Open University.

Frozen Planet is the story of the quarter of the Earth that is covered by ice and snow. The epic six-part film explores this vast kingdom and uncovers frozen natural worlds. These are the last places on Earth inhabited only by animals with unique abilities to survive in extreme conditions. Today they are facing a new threat - global temperatures are rising at an unprecedented rate, and the frozen planet is disappearing before our eyes. The project was created by the Natural History division of BBC Studios in collaboration with BBC America and The Open University.

Planet Earth lll is the most ambitious natural science series among all content ever produced by the BBC. It delivers stunning new images of landscapes, incredible discoveries about animal behaviour and gives viewers the opportunity to observe the intense struggle between the amazing inhabitants of our planet. TV crews spent more time in the field than ever before. Using the latest technologies, including robotic cameras, stabilised rigs and deep underwater tools, they will show viewers the highest mountains and the deepest oceans, the darkest caves and scorching deserts. The series was produced by the Natural History division of BBC Studios together with BBC America and The Open University.