​NTV-PLUS offers nation-wide, free access to its services across all media platforms
23 March

As sanitary measures are introduced across Russia to combat the coronavirus pandemic, the operator of digital and satellite television NTV-PLUS is offering viewers in the entire country free access to television channels, films and series on its satellite and OTT-platforms.

Until April 30, 2020, 190 television channels of the most popular genres will be available for free to all Russian residents, including those who did not subscribe to NTV-PLUS in the past. These channels are already available for free to all viewers who previously subscribed to the operator and kept the equipment needed to receive the NTV-PLUS signal.

Moreover, all new and existing NTV-PLUS subscribers will get free online access to the “Nastroy Kino” package until April 30. The package includes high-quality channels for film lovers and families.