​Match TV hosts host charity event in Maykop
15 October 2019

Match TV held a charity event for the pupils of Maikop’s special closed education institution with the participation of the Russian Football Union and FC Krasnodar. The channel’s commentators Aleksandr Shmurnov, Roman Naguchev, Alexander Aksenov and Mikhail Melamed took part in the event. As part of the initiative, they visited FC Krasnodar’s football match, stadium and academy, and also talked with the teenagers.

The charity event began with the commentators meeting the school’s pupils. They talked about sports, their favorite teams, the stadiums where they had worked, and about their idols in the sporting world. After the talk, Match TV representatives gifted students a new TV and equipment for connecting it to the MATCH PREMIER channel, which broadcasts Russian football. A friendly match between the commentators and the students was also held at the stadium. Those who did not make the two teams tried out commentating on the match.

The following day, the 12 best athletes from the Maikop education institution went on an excursion to Krasnodar with the TV channel’s representatives. There they visited the stadium and sports academy of the Krasnodar football club. At the end of the charity initiative, its participants shared their impressions of the trip.