​Gazprom-Media KIT launches new project for Russia’s education institutions
18 September 2019

Gazprom-Media KIT has launched a new socio-cultural project “KIT Territory (Cinema and Television)”. The main goal of the project is to show young viewers the best new releases of Russian cinema that can inspire, motivate and open new horizons. “KIT Territory” will become an optional component in the cultural programs of the largest children's education centers in Russia: Orlyonok, Smena, Artek.

“KIT Territory” will give schoolchildren across the country a chance to get familiar with the new releases of Central Partnership and KIT Film Studio (part of the Gazprom-Media KIT Group of Companies), as well as listen to an exciting course of lectures on cinema. The project, which has no equivalents in the industry, will allow students to get valuable knowledge about domestic cinema in a short period of time, help them develop skills in watching and analysing films, as well as evolve their artistic tastes.

Gazprom-Media KIT, Central Partnership and Orlyonok signed the first cooperation agreement on September 5. General manager of Gazprom-Media KIT Rafael Minasbekyan, general manager of Central Partnership Vadim Vereshchagin, and Alexander Dzheus, director of the Russian Children’s Center Orlyonok, took part in the event.