​Friday! channel launches new show Ya Tvoye Schastye
01 February 2019

The show Ya Tvoye Schastye (I am Your Happiness) will premiere on Friday! channel on February 4 at 18:00. In each episode, a loving couple will arrange dates for each other, and a special device will record a change in the electrical activity of the brain when one of them experiences positive emotions.

Actors Darya Rudenok and Mikael Aramyan will host the show. They will arrange unusual dates for each other, such as zorbing, flying a helicopter or filming a TV series.

Russian scientists have developed a unique device called “German” specifically for Friday! channel and its new project Ya Tvoye Schastye. The device can determine how happy each person is during a particular activity. When a person experiences joy, millions of neurons in the brain begin to interact with each other and change the brain’s electrical activity level. “German” can capture this change, analyze it and rank the happiness level on a scale from 1 to 100. Thus, this unique gadget allows us to determine the "happiness index".

Friday! channel’s producer and general manager Nikolay Kartozia came up with the project Ya Tvoye Schastye, and even before its Russian premiere, the project has attracted the interest of international distributors. One of the world’s largest distributors of television formats, Global Agency, has acquired the distribution rights for Ya Tvoye Schastye.