​Gazprom-Media retains its leadership among young TV audience during New Year’s holidays
14 January 2019

The total share of Gazprom-Media Holding's TV channels (NTV, Match TV, TNT, TV-3, Friday!, 2x2, TNT4, Super) grew by 9.9% during the national holiday period, from January 1 to 8, and reached 26.6% among a young audience aged 14-44.

According to Mediascope, the total share of TNT, TV-3, Friday!, 2x2, TNT4 and Super entertainment channels in their target audience grew by 14.9% to 20.1% from 17.5% over the same period last year. The growth in the media indicators of TNT, Friday! and Super was the main reason for the increase of the total share.

TNT’s viewership share increased by 3.2% and reached 9.8%. On January 5, the channel hit its maximum viewership share of 10.9% thanks to its marathon of the reality show Bitva Ekstrasensov (Psychic Challenge). TNT also emerged the leader among Russian TV channels in terms of average viewing time - 101 minutes per day - for the period from January 1 to 8.

NTV channel increased its viewership share by 16.1% to 9% among viewers over 18 years of age. This spike in viewing numbers came about due to the broadcasts of the TV series Pyos (The Dog). The average share of television viewing for the series across all seasons was 12.6% and it reached its maximum share on January 3 - this episode was watched by 15% of Russian TV viewers over the age of 18. The show Novogodny Milliard (A Billion for the New Year) was also among the channel’s top rated programs. It aired with a share of 16.2% and a rating of 4.9%.

Friday! TV channel showed record growth in viewership share - it grew by 57.7% during the January holidays, which added up to 4.1%. During this time, the channel released the episodes of the program Mir Naiznanku (The World Inside Out), the average share of which was 4.8%. Moreover, the channel started showing the popular TV series Sherlock. Not counting reruns, the first seasons of the series got an average share of 7% among viewers aged 14-44. To promote the series, Friday! was the first among Russian brands to use the VKontakte video cover tool in the channel’s official group on the social network. VKontakte users had to shake a New Year’s ball to get a code for exclusive Sherlock stickers. The channel’s VKontakte group reached 3.9 million unique users during the New Year’s holidays, while the number of activations reached 500,000. As a result, the number of subscribers to Friday! channel on VKontakte grew by 30% and exceeded 1.1 million users.

The share of TV-3 over the January holidays added up to 3.2%. The channel reached its maximum share of 5.1% on January 7 thanks to the marathon of the series Slepaya (The Blind). The average share of all series episodes was 5% over January 6 and 7.

The New Year's holidays saw the viewership share of Super TV channel quadruple to reach 1.2%. Moreover, the channel made it into the top three in terms of average viewing time. Super averaged 77 minutes a day during the period of January 1 to 8. On January 1, Super was in first place among all TV channels in terms of daily viewing time, which reached 94 minutes. The marathon of the popular TV series Friends guaranteed the channel its lead in terms of television viewing duration. On January 8, Super beat its own record when its viewing duration jumped to 104 minutes. The series Bratya po Obmenu (Brother Swap) and the film Babushka Legkogo Povedeniya (Naughty Grandma) helped to boost TV viewing rates. Over the whole holiday period, the channel’s coverage extended to 9.9 million people among an audience over the age of 4.

Match TV’s New Year lineup included the matches of the 2019 World Junior Ice Hockey Championships. Live broadcasts of the matches aired at night and had an average share of television viewing of 4.7% among a male audience aged 14-59. The matches of the Russian national team had a share of 12.4%, while the Russia-USA semifinal became the highest rated broadcast with a share of 17.6% and a rating of 2.2%.

Source: Mediascope, Russia, cities with a population of 100,000+ for the period from January 1 to 8, 2018 and January 1 to 8, 2019, audience aged 14-44, 18+, M14-59, 4+, daily share (%) 05:00-29:00, average viewing time (min/day).