​Avtoradio’s YouTube channel collects more than half a million subscribers
26 July 2018

Avtoradio set a record for the number of subscribers on YouTube among Russian radio stations. The audience of the station’s YouTube channel exceeds 500,000 subscribers.

The radio station launched its own YouTube channel in 2013. In five years, the quantity of Avtoradio’s content grew to 4,600 video materials, while the overall number of video views now adds up to more than 350 million. The audience of the radio station’s YouTube channel is constantly growing: it has doubled within a year. In just five months of 2018 (March to July) the number of subscribers grew by 44% and now counts more than 500,000.

The popularity of Avtoradio’s channel on YouTube can be explained by the unique musical content that the radio station uploads on a daily basis. The radio station regularly publishes videos of live concerts that took place in the Avtoradio studio and recordings of performances from the Diskoteka 80x festival, offers its subscribers video reports from high-profile events and the station’s special projects, as well as programs about cars.

Fragments and recordings of the Diskoteka 80x festivals are very popular among the channel’s subscribers. For example, the hit “Na Belom Pokrivale Yanvarya” (On January’s white cover), which was performed by the band Sladkiy Son at the Diskoteka 80x in 2015 received more than 12 million views, while the best moments from Bolshaya Diskoteka 80x in 2014 were viewed more than 8 million times.

In addition to the radio station’s main channel on YouTube, Avtoradio is developing two more: Murzilki LIVE, which features all the parodies of the show hosts Bragin, Gordeeva and Zakhar, and Avtoradio OnAir, which showcases interviews with celebrities and recommendations by reputable experts.