​KIT Film Studio announces the release of action drama Rubezh
21 February 2018

The fantasy action drama Rubezh (The Frontier) will be released in cinemas on February 22. It was created by the film companies Central Partnership and KIT Film Studio. The television premiere of the film will take place on NTV channel. The main roles in the film were performed by Pavel Priluchnyy, Kristina Brodskaya, Aleksandr Korshunov, Igor Sklyar, Kirill Kyaro, Elena Lyadova and others.

The plot of the film focuses on a young, cynical businessman Mikhail (Pavel Priluchnyy) who unexpectedly falls in love. An accidental acquaintance with the young woman Lisa (Kristina Brodskaya) sets off temporary and spatial anomalies. Expelled from the present, Mikhail travels back in time to the days when the Leningrad blockade was broken. In order to save love and permanently return to the present, he has to play a game against time.

The large-scale filming of Rubezh took place in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Serpukhov region. The viewers will see real military equipment on the screen. Film crews searched for such equipment all over the country. Ditches and dugouts were reconstructed according to the sketches that were preserved from the time of the Great Patriotic War, while 20 people took one month to manually dig the trenches.

“When we came up with this project, we strove to show the youth one of the unfairly castaway pages in our history book. We tried to tell about it in a language that would be simple, accessible and interesting for young people,” said Pavel Stepanov, the film’s chief producer and general manager of Central Partnership.

“Our task is to once again draw the attention of moviegoers to the heroic deeds of our grandfathers and grandmothers in the Great Patriotic War. At the end of the film, we allowed ourselves to put up titles that are dedicated to them. The main protagonist, being a modern young man, like the spectator, becomes an eyewitness to the heroics of his ancestors who were, at the time, younger than he is now. We want to convey with our film that it is only by understanding our past that we can fully live and love in the present,” said Rafael Minasbekyan, chief producer of the film and general manager of Gazprom-Media KIT.

“We invite the viewers to experience a vivid journey through time, to see with their own eyes those important, little-known battles that broke the course of the bloody war. We are not just recounting them, but we are bringing them closer and giving the viewers a chance to experience them from the inside,” added Dzhanik Fayziev, general manager of KIT Film Studio.