​Gazprom-Media presents initial results of Big TV Rating at Egta Marketing Intelligence Meeting
01 February 2018

The European Association of Television and Radio Sales Houses (EGTA) held the annual conference Marketing Intelligence Meeting on February 1, 2018 in Austria. The event attracted more than 200 representatives of the television and radio industry. A special session, dedicated to the effectiveness of TV advertising, took place at the conference. The session featured presentations by the representatives of Gazprom-Media, NSK company and research company Mediascope.

The participants of the conference were introduced to a Russian project aimed to measure the non-linear viewing of television channels, Big TV Rating, which offers new opportunities for ad sellers, television channels and agencies. Advertising based on Big TV Rating is already sold on four Russian TV channels - TNT, Friday!, Match TV and TV-3 (all part of Gazprom-Media).

The head of research at Gazprom-Media, Darya Pugacheva, spoke at the session about the initial results of the project based on the experience of the holding’s television channels.

Big TV Rating measures the consumption of content on TV as well as online. Thus, a new category of viewers is added to the traditional television audience. This is confirmed by the viewership of various projects on the holding’s television channels. As such, the rating of the reality show Patsanky (Tomboys) on Friday! TV channel grew 30% when online viewing was factored in, the animated series Podozritelnaya Sova (Suspicious Owl) on 2x2 showed growth of 34%. Big TV Rating added 12% to the show Tantsy (Dances) on TNT, and 19% to the series Olga. The series Chernobyl. Zona Otchuzhdeniya (Chernobyl. Estranged Zone) on TV-3 set a record, showing the best TV rating growth thanks to online viewing. The average growth share was 39.4%, the maximum - 59.1%.