​Diskoteka 80x held in Moscow and St. Petersburg
07 December 2017

The 16th edition of the festival Avtoradio - Diskoteka 80x gathered more than 40,000 spectators at two venues: Sports Complex Olimpiyskiy and the St. Petersburg Ice Palace.

This year the festival was held under the motto, “Everybody Dance!”, and the audience members became direct participants in the show. Bright special effects and a large-scale dance flash mob wrapped up the event.

One of the strongest groups of performers participated in this year’s Diskoteka 80x. Taking part in the festival were 20 cult artists from Russia, Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France and Austria.

Among those who performed on stage were the British rock singer Bonnie Tyler and 80s star Samantha Fox, the Austrian Euro-Disco band Joy and the German musical collective Boney M featuring the charming Liz Mitchell, the performer of all the band’s hits. Ricchi e Poveri and Pupo came from Italy, while Ottawan arrived from France. The German pop diva C.C. Catch performed at the Diskoteka 80x for the 12th time while the legendary rockers Smokie were among the new performers at the main discotheque of the country. The founder and irreplaceable soloist of the band Bad Boys Blue, John McInerney, also visited the festival.

Diskoteka 80x is one of the biggest and most vibrant musical events in Russia. Every year tens of thousands of people from all over the country, from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok, as well as the far and near abroad, come to Diskoteka 80x in order to plunge into the world of 80s music. The festival is not only an opportunity to listen to legendary artists perform live, but also to see a vibrant show with modern special effects, high-quality sound and the latest technological developments.