​NTV starts broadcasting Shelest TV series
07 December 2016

On December 12, NTV will premiere the new action series Shelest, where the main roles are performed by Vladimir Zaitsev, Sergey Chirkov, Elena Korikova and other actors.

The plot centers around a criminal investigator, Pavel Shelestov, or simply Shelest, who heads the department for the investigation of particularly serious crimes. His track record includes uncovering high-profile cases about bank and cash-in-transit robberies, contract killings and kidnappings. Pavel subscribes to the motto of Gleb Zheglov, an iconic Soviet film character, that “a thief must be put in prison” and sometimes acts illegally to find and neutralize the criminal.

A conflict starts brewing in the team when a young officer Denis Makeev (Sergey Chirkov) joins Shelestov’s department. Acting as a modern Sharapov - another character from the Soviet film series - Makeev stands up for truth and justice, which goes against the rules that Shelest typically follows in his own work. The head investigator tries to align the work of his team, but he hits another obstacle. Shooting erupts in a restaurant during a celebration. Unidentified people kill six workers of the criminal investigation unit and the department responsible for worker safety tries to position Shelest as the culprit of the tragedy.

Finding the criminals becomes a matter of honour for the lieutenant colonel Shelestov. In the midst of the investigation he finds out that the attack on the police was organized by his longtime enemy, the criminal mastermind Bolshov (Oleg Taktarov). Ironically, Bolshov’s wife Alina (Elena Korikova) is in love with Shelest. They met when she was under threat of assassination, but Alina has no idea that this assassination attempt was organized by Pavel Shelestov himself in order to get closer to her husband. The situation gets even more heated when the young investigator Denis Makeev finds out about his boss’ illegal tactics.

“My character is a newcomer to Shelestov’s team. Denis is a real fighter for justice. He is used to following all the rules in his work. At his previous place of work, he handed in his colleagues because they circumvented the criminal code,” said actor Sergey Chirkov. “I spent time with real investigators before the filming in order to better understand their work. I want to say that these people are professionals. They are loyal to the oath and they do not work for money.”