UMA.TECH is a high-tech company with years worth of experience in the IT and telecommunications industry.

The company has created one of the largest Russian networks for the delivery of video content as well as a number of comprehensive technical solutions for High Load services in the media industry. As a result, media consumers around the world can get high-speed access to modern digital content, which makes the company’s clients undisputed leaders in the digital sphere.

The company’s infrastructure and platform supports such projects as the TV channels TNT, TV-3, Friday!, 2x2, TNT4, Match, Match Premier, Super, as well as the specialised media outlets and Premier.

As its core values, the company defends creative freedom in the development of the digital world, self-realisation in the creation of the most modern solutions and the development of digital tools for enhancing the national economy.

The ability to design, develop, implement, maintain and expand solutions that work under extreme pressure give the company its unique quality. We are able to receive, store and process immense quantities of data, and transform these digital “raw materials” into information that has great value for businesses.


125047, Bolshaya Sadovaya ulitsa, building 5/ 1

Phone: +7 (495) 357-33-01