Company Description

Gazprom-Media Sales House sells sponsor advertising on the following Gazprom-Media Holding TV channels: NTV, TNT, TV -3, Friday!, TNT4, 2x2, Super, Match TV, as well as Match! Nash Sport, Match! Football 1, Match! Football 2, Match! Football 3, Match! Arena, Match! Igra, Match! Boets, Match! Premier, and the KHL television channel.

The Sales House is also constantly working on developing new advertising tools, which make the most use of all the special features of the Holding’s media assets. As such, the Gazprom-Media team launched a new tool on the advertising market called Kantata. With this tool, clients have the opportunity to create advertising campaigns in the 360-degree format by using all of the Holding’s platforms, including broadcast and special-interest TV channels, digital, radio and print media.

Gazprom-Media is a member of the Association of Communication Agencies of Russia (AKAR), the European Group of Television Advertising (EGTA), and a member of The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Russia.


20 Rochdelskaya st



Phone: + 7 (495) 642-72-72