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Tribuna is a socio-political newspaper.

The newspaper has been published since 1969.
Before 1990 it was called The Socialist Industria, then The Rabochaya Tribuna (The Workers’ Tribune), since April 1998 – The Tribune.
Print run – 57,5K copies.
The newspaper is distributed in 81 entities of the Russia Federation, including the autonomous oblasts.
The network of correspondents: 40 bureaus in Russia and the CIS, 11 – in Europe and the USA. Besides Moscow, the newspaper is printed in another 8 regions of Russia.

Tribuna weekly comes out on Fridays. The volume is 24 pages. Every issue carries TV listings.

Tribuna is a centrist publication reflecting the interests of a broad layer of society. It gives a wide coverage of life in non-metropolitan areas of Russia. The pages of the newspaper carry expert opinion on the political and socio-economic situation in Russia and the CIS, statements by business directors, international coverage, events and personas in culture, medicine and family values, sport. Amongst the authors of the newspaper there are always government ministers, members of parliament, governors and politicians, scientists.

In 2006 Tribuna became the information partner of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

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