​Gogol. Nachalo wins awards at the Serebryany Mercury festival
08 June 2018

Gogol. Nachalo wins awards at the Serebryany Mercury festival

The prestigious awards of the Serebryany Mercury festival went to the projects #YaPomeshchik (I am a landlord), Gogol. Ostanovki (Gogol. Bus Stops) and Gogol Web-Series, launched as part of the promotional campaign for the film Gogol. Nachalo (Gogol. The Beginning), which is produced by TV-3 and the company Sreda.

Gogol. Nachalo beat the historical record of the summer season at the box office, became a film distribution sensation and recuperated its costs in the very first day at the cinemas. In large part this is due to the promotional campaign, the success of which was recognized at the largest marketing contests and festivals. Serebryany Mercury awarded silver prizes to TV-3 in the following nominations this year:

- “Mass media and other media” - for the initiative #YaPomeshchik, which helped to draw in a young audience on the VKontakte social network. The social network members could use the hashtag #YaPomeshchik to find out how many inactive friends they have, the so-called “dead souls”;

- “Best use of outdoor, indoor and print advertising” - for the creatively designed public transport stops in Moscow (Gogol. Ostanovki);

- “Best brand integration, partner programs, sponsorships” - for videos featuring Aleksandr Petrov, in which Gogol enters the worlds of popular TNT television series (Gogol Web-Series).

“Gogol. Nachalo is our first film release and we are happy that our creative efforts were highly recognized by the jury. Many thanks! This is our shared accomplishment - the whole team of TV-3. Gogol. Strashnaya Mest (Gogol. The Terrible Revenge) will be released in theaters on August 30 and we are preparing something special for you,” said Lily Sheroziya, marketing director at TV-3 channel.